Dana is a graduate of The Second City Longform and Sketch Conservatories. In 2018, she was nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement Award. Dana is a member of Longform Teams Grim Diesel, Abra Cadaver and duo Foxtrap! and performs regularly in sets all around town. She coaches dream team Fibonacci Sequins with The Assembly and is a student of the Bad Dog Theatre Company Harold Studio.

Photos by: 1) Abra Cadaver/ Peter Stelmach 2) Foxtrap!/ Peter Stelmach 3) Abra Cadaver/ Marko Bezic 4) Abra Cadaver with Ken Hall 5) Dana with James Gangl/ Hidetaka Ishii 6) Foxtrap!/ Peter Stelmach 7) Bourbon Outfitters/ The Assembly 8) Abra Cadaver/ Mirror Selfie 9) Bad Dog Harold Studio 10) Cast of Riot! at Comedy Bar/ Mirror Selfie 11) Grim Diesel/ Peter Stelmach 12) Fibonacci Sequins/ Peter Stelmach